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Jeremy Darling
24 October
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Name: Jeremy Darling
Age: 18
Birthday: October 24
Class Year: Senior, Class of 2013
Living Arrangements: Dorm room 522 with Stephanie Brown
Voicemail: 555-JRMS

Fandom: Dirty Sexy Money
E-mail: justonepersona at gmail dot com

(Actual) Twin Sister: Juliet Darling
(Fake) Big Brother: Nico Di Angelo
(Fake) Little Siblings: Cassel Sharpe | Karina Lyle

Others: Caroline Forbes | Nobody Owens | Miley Stewart | George Lass

Tropes: The Charmer | Screw The Rules, I Have Money | Upper Class Twit | Big Screwed Up Family | Rich In Dollars Poor In Sense | Fiction 500 | Theme Twin Naming
Spring 2013
Monday, 1st period: Philosophy 201 (Tyler)
Monday afternoon: Apathy Club
Tuesday, 3rd period: There Will Be Cake (Bond)
Wednesday: workshift at Demon Marcus

Fall 2012
Monday, 1st period: Philosophy 201 (Tyler)
Thursday, 1st period: How to Not Do Things (Ludgate)
Thursday, rest of the day: workshift at Demon Marcus
Friday afternoon: Apathy Club

Summer 2012, Term 2:
Monday, 2nd period: Art Games (Levine/Montenegro)
Thursday, 4th period: Fandom Trail (Oz)

Summer 2012, Term 1:
Monday, 3rd period: Relationship Ed (Murdock)
Friday, 3rd period: Surviving Life At Court (Lannister)

Spring 2012
Monday, 4th period: Philosophy 101 (Tyler)
Wednesday, 1st period: What was the school board thinking... Now with More Welsh (Madrox & Murdock)
Friday afternoon: Apathy Club

Fall 2011:
Monday, 1st period: The Aethestics of Badassery (Bond)
Thursday, 1st period: The Elements of Friendship (Pie)
Friday afternoon: Apathy Club

Summer 2011 Term 2:
Wednesday, 1st period: The Magic of a Good Time (Pie)
Thursday, 2nd period: Monkey Business (Porter)

Summer 2011 Term 1:
Tuesday, 1st period: Cupcake War Crimes (Anders/Stark)
Wednesday, 3rd period: Surf's Up! (Pitt)
Thursday, 1st period: Childcare for Idiots (Deadpool)

Spring 2011:
Tuesday, 5th period: The Art of Pacifism (Kyoraku)
Friday, 2nd period: Pop Culture 101 (Crichton)
Friday afternoon: Apathy Club
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